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i come close to your reported gains, like jailbreak, no etf's on 2/25, starting at close on 2/12, but ONLY IF i purchase the same number of SHARES for each of the top 10 stocks selected using UNISEARCH JAILBREAK, NO ETF strategy - and hold the same stocks that i started with for the entire period. when i try to use the strategy, starting on any one day, purchasing the same dollar amount for each of the stocks, i get entirely different (much worse) results. one of your tech support people told me that you trade daily to get these results... perhaps if you provided access to a record of your purchases and the dates and time of purchase, i might be able to make better use of the strategy... at this time, i don't know how to achieve the results which you claim, if i am trading daily, or purchasing at a time different than the start of the last confirmed change in direction of the market- if your derby results are to be more helpful to me, i need more information, i think.

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  • Andre J. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was trying to go along the same path and arrived exactly were you guys are. No success.
    One thing I've learned is they select only max. 10 stocks per strategy in the morning and continue to use them throughout the day. But I can't get the same results they get this way or the other.
    Smokes and mirrors....

  • Rodney Fant commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have the same problem i.e. Thorton's Thunder on 3/8/2010 you state a 14.95% gain. Doing a 5 day quick test it's no where close 18.09%. If you do 1 day quick test each day and add the results it's even worse, besides having to trade every day and being eaten up with commissions..

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