1. Home Page: "Vectorvest at a Glance" (Buys, Sells, Holds), allow prior data  ·  completed

  2. Add MTI data for each stock and provide an MTI parameter for graph purposes

  3. query for existing strategies

  4. Fix graph print--when printing multiple graphs indepenrently, subsequent printed graphs have the data from intitial graph!  ·  under review

  5. Allow the exportation of daily minute by minute data in a data file for use by Mathematica

  6. Add streaming real time data on the RUT - Russell 2000. This is an important index and this information is vital to trading.

  7. In relation to the option analyser give better interpretation of real time data in relation to implied volatility,probability of ITM ,ATM,OT

  8. allow the backtest listing data to be copied into spreadsheet or clipboard

  9. Add Data Feeds for CSE Canadian Securities Exchange

  10. Allow graph time line to extend beyond latest data date to project trend lines and trade entry point

  11. 'GraphControlPanel' Let Right numbers FLOAT w/Right Justify. This should enable the BLANK Space to Shrink Instead of LOSING the data.

  12. Add the day's performance % of a stock's benchmark index (or the MTI) to the stock's history data.

  13. MACD crossover the center (zero) line

  14. ADX , +DI, -DI parameters

  15. if you could add MONTHLY data to your graphs it would help significantly especially as bull markets are now over 8 years long.thankssteve bo

  16. Options Analyzer: "Save As" in the file tab. Make it so data can be saved on a different drive then the C drive.

  17. I would like to see an indication that todays data is available when I click on the Vectorvest 7 icon. this will save numerous log-ons

  18. Would love to see App with Canadian Content  ·  completed

  19. Allow users to run lite version of VV on a second computer simostanously, especially real-time users, a delayed data version, same network,

  20. REITs are evaluated based on FFO and not EPS. For REITS, please replace EPS data in your database with FFO (or AFFO). Much more usefull.

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