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When opening a portfolio, we get a (small) graph and a list of holdings. But we can only see three tiles and then need to scroll to see more. My suggestions:
- when opening a portfolio: have a full screen graph with overall data like %G/L, current value and profit/loss in currency.
- then swipe left to see tiles of holdings. Again the tiles should be same height as mentioned already above. If the portfolio contains more holdings, swipe left to see more.
- the border of the tiles should correspond to the buy/hold/sell recommendation by VectorVest. (Consistency!)
- the net gain (coloured red or green) can be located on the right under the current value. Also mention 'current value' to clarify what the number means. And instead of 'net gain' it might be better to use 'gain/loss'
- the name of the holding is located on the right. But for watchlists, the company name was on the left under the Symbol and written in smaller letters. Again: portfolio and watchlist should be consistent.
- then about the graph: when clicking, I get yellow cross hair but it would be nice to also get the corresponding data!

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  • Erik Laridon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I don't like the current layout of the list of holdings in a selected portfolio:
    - too much wasted space ( more holdings can be put on one screen if less space is used for each)
    - on the left it mentions the number of shares @ xxx: but it is not clear what xxx means! It would be better to mention the purchase price and current price (and label the values accordingly to avoid confusion). The number of shares is irrelevant. The total value is more important (see next point)
    - on the right is a value: again, what does this value mean? It would be better to give the purchased value AND the current value (and label both the values accordingly )

  • Peter Lany commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Portfolio list show at present only various portfolio names with a lot of empty space. It would be useful to add on each line data shown on each portfolio summary with a mini or background portfolio performance diagram. This will allow quick comparison of portfolios and selection of a best porfoming one for a next urgent order.

  • Conn Letterio commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Include the date you purchased the stock and what the gain of each of your holdings are in the portfolio section like the old app had.

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