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Enable Derby for Vectovest 7 Intraday Users as Adds On

I would like to see Derby being offered as Adds On for VV Intraday Users. It can be 15 min delayed. You could charge it as any VV Adds On and it would continue to be free for VV RealTime Users.
I am not a day trader, but still would like to use Derby whenever I need. If it cannot be offered for free for VV Intraday Users, then at least charge it as Adds on with the 15 min delayed.

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  • Leslie Jedrychowski commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Derby doesn't need to be real time, we let the trend be our friend, so why not make it available to intraday users for a reduced fee. Make it a new option. My internet service provider is unable to provide me with a reliable real time signal. Explornet manages traffic based on total users on the applicable antenna, sometimes we are fast, but most of the time we are very slow. Intraday works quite well.

VectorVest 7: Derby

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