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Send QuickTest stocks to Watchlist

Please adapt VectorVest software to enable sending selected QuickTest stocks to a watchlist… ie; QuickTest for best 100 stocks from (12/31)-to-(1/19/10) to a Watchlist>>> Then QuickTest that 100 Top-Stock watchlist for top 30 from (10/30)-to-(1/19/10) and send to 30 stock Watchlist>>> Then QuickTest that 30 stock Watchlist from (3/9/09)-to-(1/19/10) for current Best 10 Stocks… ie; those Best 10 Stocks have been constant gainers throughout the past year and are the most likely gainers in the months ahead…
Are these Best 10 Stocks better prospective gainers than just the Top 10 from QuickTest of the past 12 month… You-betcha… Check it for yourself…
Never-the-less; please enable sending selected stocks from QuickTest screen to a watchlist…

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