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Please add The Chalkin Money Flow to your charting system. This simple chat shows a graph of the money flowing into or out of a stock. That

Mark Chalkin developed the Accumulation / distribution line and the Chalkin Money flow. This chart is so simple to read and it shows whether investors dollars are flowing into a stock or out of it along with the degree of inflow or outflow. I always use it before purchasing a stock. Several in my Richmond VV group have expressed an interest too.It would be great to see VV add the Chalkin Money Flow to their charting analysis.
Several at our Richmond group meeting would like to see it also.

It simply show the dynamics of money flowing into a stock and conversely out.

It is so simple and gives me confidence to invest more or less into a stock.

As a sideline it was Mark Chalkin that developed the Accumulation Distribution Analysis and the CMF.

I look for good $ inflow before buying a stock coupled with VV CI, RT , Value and others.

I find my stocks to buy on VV but get confirmation with the CMF.
I hope the file attached OK

Gary Grubb

Gary Grubb

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