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Please add the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) to the graphing capabilities.

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The VWAP trading strategy is a common indicator traders use. VWAP stands for volume weighted average price. It’s used for short term trading. It’s a highly efficient and simple method.

Traders use it as support and resistance in a short time frame. You use it to assess the direction or trend of the stock. VWAP is calculated by adding up the dollar amount traded for every trade transaction (price multiplied by number of shares traded) and then dividing by the total shares traded for the day.

VWAP trading strategy is commonly applied by traders on the 1 minute and 5 minute charts. Those time frames are used when day trading because price action moves quickly.

If you’re going to be getting in and out of a stock quickly, you need to have an indicator that is going to show you a trend in place and help you make trading decisions.

The VWAP intraday strategy is used to tell a short term trader whether or not a stock is bearish or bullish. If a stock touches VWAP and falls below it, this lets you know it’s in a bearish trend.

If a price is trading below the volume weighted average price and then breaks and begins to trade above it, you would be in a bullish trend.

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