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Add MTI/BSR/RT/Price Entry & Exit Conditions in BackTester and AutoTester Setup

Add the following conditions to the BackTester/AutoTester Platform upon set-up before the backtest starts to run.

Ability to select condition upon either Entry or Exit :

1) Comparing the MTI value (such as MTI > 1.0)
2) Comparing the BSR value (such as BSR > 1.0)
3) Comparing the RT value (such as RT > 1.0)
4) Compare the color of the VV-Price value (such as color <> Red)

So for example, a backtest can be set such as buy when MTI > 1.0
and sell when the MTI <= 1.0

Using this VV indicators to determine entry and exit, could greatly enhance the Backtester tool.
It could also give an extra dimension to finding a successful profitable trading strategy.

Thank you.

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  • Ron Barber commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In the Australian market I have found a timing system that consistently beats the current VV timing systems.I call it the RMB timing system:Buy or replace on a Green Light in the PRC col. of the color guard when the RT+MTI+BSR is equal to or greater than 2.33.Close all positions when the RT+MTI+BSR<2.3.Currently you have to do this manually day by day.I would hope that this could be automated and added to the existing systems .I have tested this quite robustly from 2007 to present and it comes up trumps with nearly all the searches over a wide variety of trading periods.However it only seems to work in the Australian market and not the US market.I have not tested in any other market. I am sure it would be an asset to the Aussie subscribers.

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