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Crosshair Horizontal Bar Cursor Not Locked
First, let me say I appreciate VV very much. But like any good product, I’m sure you want to continue the improvements and tweaks.
With that said, I see VV graph cursors are flexible, but I feel could use a little tweeting. I see two problems:
1) The crosshairs horizontal bar currently locks to the day’s closing price of the candlestick, (it makes since the vertical would lock to the day of week). Though this horizontal locking may have some value at times, most of the time it is annoying and does not allow all perspectives when one tries to analyses the stock. I believe an easy solution would be to provide an option in the application settings, “Crosshairs horizontal cursor locked to closing price” Yes/No.
2) The second problem is with the selection of the horizontal cursor from the list (not the crosshairs, the plain horizontal cursor). When using the horizontal cursor and it is placed over the trend confirmation triangles (the red and green triangles to indicate a confirmed up, down, etc.) the red or green fill does not work correctly. It will cover the area but not stay. This only happens with the horizontal cursor, the vertical cursor works fine.

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