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If you could gather statistics in real time about whether over the last 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour (selectable and adjustable in real time) whether your watchlist is in the red more of the time and by how much or if it is in the green more of the time, especially when it oscillates between both. this can be confusing at the present state of the art to assess. Also if it is in the red for a selectable period of time and by how much percentage wise. an alert with a chime would be welcome. as we sometimes have to be away from the computer for lunch or pee break or just a break in general to rest our eyes and stretch our legs or do calisthenics. This would be a great advancemet to the quicktest. Also if watchdogs could chime if there was a crossover and give a pop up window to tell which stock and at what price. this would be immensely helpful. the emails are not helpful at all. thanks

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