How can we improve VectorVest 7?

for multi-stock graphs, also display the list of stock symbols in "Symbols" window

Let's say that we have a watch-list of 10 stocks, and we wish to display and
examine their stock graphs.

In the OLD version of VectorVest, you can first select ALL 10 stocks, and then
right-click the mouse and click "View Stock Graph". All the 10 stock symbols
will then be shown in the "Symbols" window above the graph. From this you can
select ANY ONE of the 10 stock symbols at will to display its graph.

My question is: how do I accomplish the same in VectorVest 7?

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  • Graham Jones commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You can achieve the desired result whilst looking at a graph by requesting the program to print, and then cancelling the print operation. You can also then add another symbol as required.

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