How can we improve VectorVest 7?

Add real time option prices

Fetch market prices for options just as you do stock prices. Currently prices in VV are calclated. Along with option prices show implied volatility.

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  • Paul Hinkley commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Options Analyzer has a nice interface and is relatively easy to use but it is based on he theoretical pricing model (Black Scholes?).

    Options analysis (current & back-testing) based on a theoretical pricing model is next to useless. Even when the current data problems (wrong strike intervals, missing contracts etc) are fixed, these raise further doubts as the integrity of the software.

    All four options analysis programs using US options I am familiar with are based on historical data. I expect that VV's OptionsPro would be too. I have recently checked an Australian options analysis program and they have confirmed they use historical data.

    US, AU and other options historical data is available from companies such as Optionmetrics & Ivolatility.

    The amount of software development effort using historical data would be equal or less than that based on a theoretical pricing model.

    With respect, it is thus a puzzle as to why this was ever done.

    Unlike other correspondents, I would be happy with end-of-day historical data, as my brokerage platform gives real-time data...

    I note with disappointment the real time issue was first raised in 2010...

  • Raymond Boll commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Presently the Only Stock Options Analysis Graphing Tool that VV 6 Offers Option Traders is the Plug in Options Analyzer Module which Provides End of Day Results. For those of us who Trade Stock Options in Real Time this is NOT Practical. However, I Submit that with the Advent of VV 7 ( which provides Real Time Stock Price Quotes ) it should now be possible to Provide VV Stock Option Traders with Real Time Stock Option Price Quotations and Real Time Option Graphic Analysis of the Optionable Stocks which are listed in your Daily Real Time Derby Winners. I believe that this would be a Great Product Improvement for your VV 7, which would in turn result in More Customers and Increased Profits for your Company. Please Consider Doing This As Soon As Possible.
    Thank You.

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