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Dr. Diliddo, 1. I believe the VVC gives a biased view to the markets in which the majority of investors have no interest. The VVC acts more like the IWM than any other market. Either purge the VVC of the thousands of stocks that investors have little to no interest in, or better yet, track a legitimate market like the wilshire 5000, or some such. The point being that you should be tracking a market that investors can use as a direct investment (is that against the SEC?). If you can not do this, then you need to give a big caveat upfront to your daily VVC analysis that investors need to conduct an analysis of the actual markets in which they are participants. 2. Since the VVC does NOT reflect all markets, highlight the performance of the DIA, QQQ, SPY, IWM so that investor's can get a superior feel to how a particular investable market is performing. For example, this would point out the recent out-performance of the QQQ. In summary, track a broad, investable market (like the wilshire 5000), and provide analysis of a few widely held markets for additional insights (QQQ, DIA, SPY, IWM). Sincerely, Stephen M. Howard

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    Excellent idea, I now track the major indexes seperately as 2-3 years ago, I kept losing money as I was watching the VVC index go down so was buy contra funds to hedge. analysis show the VVC and IWM going down, but other indexes going up, .. which I was using for hedges.... so now I watch all.

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