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Genius Enhancements and DERBY Automation.

Add another selection to direct Genius. Replace and Alert Only are the current selections. Add another button for No Action.

I am trying to automate and test a number of searches using Genius. I have some Portfolios that are only Place Holders to use for for the Portfolios that I want to monitor. These Place Holder Portfolios generate Alerts that I do not want to see because they are useless and obscure the Alerts that I want to monitor.

Apparently, there are some people at your end that would like to add more functionality to the Genius. I am testing my System with the current Genius that follows the Rules in my searches and the DERBY and it currently is working. The generated alerts that I do not want get in the way.

The system would be greatly enhanced if I could point to a Portfolio that contains stocks to sell from the list of stocks that I currently own in another Portfolio. In other words, add a Sell option to the current functionality when not using Timing (using my own Search).

Have one of the Morning Derby persons give me a call and I can walk them through my testing system using the MEETING application..

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