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Quicktest end date should not be reset to current if sort is changed

When doing a quicktest in the past one has to manually set the beginning date. The end date defaults to the current date, and needs to be manually set if a date other than the current date is desired for the quicktest.

When after running a Strategy with a past ending date, and then changing the sort the beginning date remains the same, but the ending date changes back to the default (current) date, and needs to be manually re-set. It would be useful to leave the dates (both beginning and ending) as set. Changing the sort when running a Strategy changes all the stocks -- or the order of the stocks -- displayed, and this cannot be accounted for by "Changing the sort" on the quicktest window.

Further, having buttons on the Quicktest calendars (both beginning and end) which would allow a reset of the date to the current date would be useful

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