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Use a Table for Derby Winners in the daily Color Guard Report.

A tablular form would make it easier to read and easier to copy/paste if you want to analyze winners & losers further in a spreadsheet over time.

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  • Robin Ying commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I fully support this suggestion. The table has two part, the top part is
    the "Today's Derby Winners" and the bottom part is the "5-Day Derby Winners",
    and it could have the following columns:

    Bullish/Bearish | Derby Winner | Strategy | % Gain | Easy Rider |

    The first 2 columns "Bullish/Bearish" and "Derby Winner" are self-explanatory.

    The 3rd column shows which strategy the derby winner is in. Is it Bottom Fishing?
    Is it Yellow Brick Road? etc.

    The 4th column is % gain.

    The 5th column is "Easy Rider" containing pairs of numbers ranging from 1 to 5. So if we have a Derby Winner, say "Ballistic New Highs" appears in both Today and 5-Day list, then there is a pair of "1" in this column for "Ballistic New Highs".

    If there are more than one Derby Winners appear in Today and 5-Day section, then the second one will be labeled "2".

    Since we only look at five at each day, we only need 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, five numbers.

    Also these numbers could suggest the priority for Easy Rider to consider when multiple pairs of Derby Winners appear. For example, if both "Ballistic New Highs" and "El Cheapo Cheapos" appear in Today and 5-Day winners, then assigning "1" to "El Cheapo Cheapos" and "2" to "Ballistic New Highs" will signify that "El Cheapo Cheapos" is at higher priority for Easy Riders.

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