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Add Market Data to Unisearch

When in Unisearch, click on "Parameter" and the pulldown would now say, "Stocks,Industry Group, Sector, MARKET". If you select "MARKET". This would give you access to two subfields: Colorguard info and history and VVC data info and history. You could then add lines to any search to find "green-Light" days or primary wave reversals or whatever. You could also look for stocks with above average (>VVC composite data) RV, CI or whatever. RV above average is not ALWAYS the same as RV > 1!

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    VV has all of the data to support this idea and it would cut out many steps in many Strategy of the Week exercises. I have toyed with a timing signal I call the "confirmed primary wave" that is something like "green-light" buying. The thing is that it is extremely tedious to test when you constantly have to stop and go to the views to get primary wave signaals.

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