How can we improve VectorVest 7?

Add ability to group multiple portfolios together, and report performance of the group.

I would like to group multiple portfolios together, and be able to show the performance of the entire group. Also allow for more than one grouping, and allow any one portfolio to be in more than one group.

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  • ROGER THOMPSON commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I manage 5 family portfolios, IRAs, ROTHs, TAXABLEs, etc. and need to keep track of aggregate performance of the family investments.

  • Charles Sizemore commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Create a portfolio summary manager that could monitor a select group of several portfolios together. Example: Fixed income portfolio, ETF, portfolio, Dividend portfolio… Then a portfolio manager summary of “all” the portfolios linked together would report how each portfolio is working together in the summary. Just like when a portfolio is pulled up now each position has a line… the same would be true for each individual portfolio but with the added benefit of how all are working together as an overall trading strategy outcome. (To do this now and individual has to be manage this concept with an Excel Spreadsheet) The weighting aspect is controlled by the individual position/portfolio cash allocation. So you may have 50% cash allocated to VST+YSG, 10% Sure-fire, 30% Fixed Income, … The summary presents the picture of the total investment package and when funds may be moved to cash. I hope the idea comes through. I believe it would open a new feature that would not only benefit VV clients but would create a new avenue of opportunity for VV in being able to promote multiple strategies together for various levels of overall risk profiles.

  • Itai Frank commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Perhaps when grouping portfolios, you can also consider showing them as sub portfolios under a named main category portfolio. That way they can be organized nicely on the screen by categories which the user chooses to put them under. Also, if each portfolio would take only 1 line on the screen by just showing the portfolio name, many more portfolios could show up on the screen at once without the need to constantly scroll down to look for your portfolio. After clicking on that portfolio name, then you can open up the details of that portfolio, including it's amount, and icons to add/copy/delete. Currently, you are giving each portfolio "4" lines on the screen. I think this could be better cut down to either 1 line, or at most 2 displaying lines on the screen (referring to the left side of the screen showing the different portfolios). Showing each portfolio on 1 or 2 lines, would give valuable screen space that would be available to show more portfolios at once on the same screen.

  • Sunil Taneja commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This feature is in Vector vest Prographic 6. I am not sure why vector vest have not incorporated this feature in VVC - 7.
    This is important feature

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