How can we improve VectorVest 7?

When reviewing portfolios, why are stocks listed in ramdon order after bring up a portfolio!

I review about 25 of my portfolios three a week. After see stocks, I am
interested in the best stock so I click on RSI and stocks are listed by poorest performing stock listed first and click again on RSI to get the best stock listed FIRST!!!
After transferring a few stocks from portfolio to stock chart, Why cant the same list on"stock chart: be transferred to "performance Chart"???

When going from a listing of stocks to Charts, why isnt a listing of
"performance chart" available?

OF doing over 10 years of my on investing with V V, I believe V V has one of the best charting systems on the market for individual use. Would like to see the time savings installed.
see improvement to make my life easier.

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